Recommendation of Choline Inclusion in Lambs’ Diet


Martínez Aispuro José Alfredo
María Teresa Sánchez-Torres Esqueda
Figueroa Velasco José Luis
Cordero Mora José Luis


choline chloride, phosphatidylcholine, herbal, sheep, synthetic.


Objective: To establish an inclusion recommendation for choline (herbal or synthetic) in fattening lambs’diet based on productive performance and blood metabolites.
Design/Methodology/Approach: A literature review was carried out of herbal and synthetic choline supplementation in the diet of fattening lambs.
Results: The addition of protected choline chloride (50% purity) in the lamb’s diet should be less than 2.5g/kg DM in order not to cause a detrimental effect on the productive performance. On the other hand, the inclusion of herbal choline in lambs’ diet should be greater than 6 g/kg DM to have positive effects on body gain and feed conversion.
Study Limitations/Implications: It is necessary to establish the requirement for choline in fattening lambs because studies where choline is supplemented show that the contribution of conventional ingredients is insufficient.
Findings/Conclusions: The inclusion of herbal (6 g/kg DM) and synthetic (2.5 g/kg DM) choline in lambs’ diet improves body weight gain and modifies energy metabolites

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