High-fiber diets for fattening pigs


José A. Martínez-Aispuro
José Luis Figueroa Velasco
María T. Sánchez-Torres
José L. Cordero-Mora
Manuel Martínez-Aispuro


forages, alternative ingredients, gut health.


Objective: To establish the feasibility and benefits of implementing high-fiber diets for pigs.

Design/Methodology: A literature review of the practical application of pig diets with the inclusion of fibrous ingredients was carried out.

Results: The formulation of high-fiber diets for pigs maintains or improves productive performance and provides additional gut health benefits.

Study Limitations/Implications: Lack of information about the net energy and amino acid digestibility values of fibrous ingredients limits the proper formulation of pig diets.

Findings/Conclusions: The inclusion of high-fiber ingredients in pig diets can partially replace traditional ingredients, consequently reducing costs and providing health benefits.

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