Use of protected methionine in diets for finishing pigs


José Luis Figueroa Velasco
David Trujano-San Luis
José A. Martínez-Aispuro
María T. Sánchez-Torres
José L. Cordero-Mora
Agustín Ruíz-Flores
María M. Crosby-Galván


Synthetic amino acids, absorption, bioavailability, pigs.


Objective: To evaluate the substitution of regular DL-methionine (RM) by protected DL-methionine (PM) in the productive performance of finishing pigs.

Design/Methodology/Approach: 50 pigs (56.85 ± 2.02 kg of live weight) distributed in a completely randomized experimental design were used. The treatments consisted of the substitution of MR by MP (0, 25, 50, 75, and 100%) in diets for finishing I and II pigs.

Results: As the MP in the diet increased, the gain of final live weight (LWF) and backfat thickness (BFT) in finishing I increased linearly (p ≤ 0.05), while feed:gain ratio (FGR) decreased linearly (p = 0.07). PM at finishing II phase linearly (p ≤ 0.10) improved feed intake, FGR, and longissimus muscle area.

Study Limitations/Implications: Feeding pigs by including protected amino acids improves their productive response.

Findings/Conclusions: The use of protected methionine in diets for finishing I pigs improves some productive response variables.

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