Sheep reproductive management


D.S. Ramírez-Reyes
Y. Marín-Osorio
M.P. Arzola-Hernández
X. Santiago Pérez
J. Gallegos-Sánchez
S. Fraire-Cordero


Reproduction, ewe, reproductive season, seasonal anestrus.


Objective: To describe some reproductive management programs that allow increasing the productive efficiency of ewes.

Design/methodology/approach: Description of the main hormones and their application in sheep reproductive management protocols. The subjects are reviewed based on academic references as well as on their use in sheep reproductive protocols at the Sheep and Goat Reproduction Laboratory of the Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico.

Results: Hormones, socio-sexual strategies, reproductive protocols and techniques are tools that improve the reproductive efficiency of ewes during the reproductive season and seasonal anestrus.

Study limitations/implications: The basic techniques of reproductive management and protocols in sheep are mostly available, however, they still have room for improvement, therefore, multiple efforts involving all participants, such as the primary sector, public and private institutions, are required.

Findings/conclusions: Reproductive management is an important pillar for animal production; thus its implementation is fundamental to improve the reproductive and productive efficiency of a herd

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