Social interactions and business portfolio among vegetable produc-ers in central Mexico


Ma. Guadalupe Heredia-Sánchez
Francisco Ernesto Martínez-Castañeda
Mónica E. Ruiz-Torres
Vianey González-Hernández
Juan F. Nuñez-Espinoza
Humberto Thomé-Ortíz


Social Network analysis, Boston Consulting Group and Ansoff matrix.


Objective: To analyze the social interactions and business portfolio of vegetable producers in central Mexico.

Design/methodology/approach: Work was conducted with 16 small-scale vegetable producers. Semi-structured questionnaires and periodic monitoring were used in the field to collect data. A Social Network analysis was carried out to understand the social interactions between producers, and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Ansoff matrix was used for the business portfolio.

Results: The study found that the products with potential in the market were lettuce and nopal. Broccoli and squash represent low sales and low utility. Producers with a higher degree of centrality grow lettuce, broccoli and squash, so we suggested developing strategies for introducing nopal.

Limitations on study/implications: It was necessary to delve into market and consumers analysis.

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