How is the perception of the certified organic food benefits in a population from Estado de México region


Ana Bethsi Hernández-Rivera
Rosy Gabriela Cruz Monterrosa
Judith Jiménez-Guzmán
Erika Berenice León-Espinosa
Mariano García-Garibay
Miriam Fabela Fabela-Morón
Mayra Díaz-Ramírez
Rafael Ruiz-Hernández
Rigoberto Vicencio Pérez-Ruiz


organic food benefits


Objective: To study and understand the population's perception in a region of the Estado de Mexico about the role of certified organic food in health and the environment, as well as the economic impact generated by its consumption.

Desing/methodology/approach: A survey was conducted among a population sample of 10 municipalities in the Estado de Mexico, which consisted of seven questions related to certified organic food.

Results: The population has an idea about what certified organic food is, although they confuse it with other types of food. 

Study limitations/ implications: Results were obtained from an e-mail survey because this study was conducted during the current 2020-2021 pandemic.

Findings/conclusion: The information obtained suggests that the population has a great perception about the intake of certified organic food, but there is confusion about other types of food. However, the population is willing to consume them because of their potential health and environment benefits.

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