State of the art of poecilid fish (Pisces: Poeciliidae) in México


Leonardo Martínez Cantera
Marcos Hernández-López
Fabiola Lango- Reynoso,


Fish, Bioindicator, Life stories, Native species, invasive species, Diversity.


Objective: To present a review about the knowledge of the fish of the family poecilidade in Mexico.

Design/methodology/approach: The present review was carried out through the search and bibliographic compilation of literature, as well as in the consultation of articles in different databases, for its subsequent analysis.

Results: Mexico has a great diversity of poeciliids with 105 species registered, 64 are endemic, most are in some category of protection, distributed throughout the national territory, mainly in the Usumacinta River basin. In this area, their reproductive biology and feeding have been studied, which vary according to the species. Their culture in Mexico, focuses on the commercialization of ornamental species both native and exotic.






Limitations on study/implications: The poecilid fishes are a well study group; however, the information about the mexican species is scattered and in different areas are limited.

Findings/conclusions: Mexico is the country with the greatest diversity of poecilid fish worldwide, most of which are in some category of protection, and are a group well distributed throughout the national territory, with potential as environmental indicators and toxicological studies.


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