Forage evaluation based on oat on scenarios of intercrop and organic nutrition


Miguel Zamna Solano-Sosa
Yuri Villegas-Aparicio
Rigoberto Castro-Rivera
José Cruz Carrillo-Rodríguez
Aarón Martínez-Gutiérrez
Ernesto Castañeda-Hidalgo


Avena sativa L.


Objective: To evaluate the behavior of yield with different varieties of oat under monoculture and association conditions, applying different sources of nutrition.
Design/Methodology/Approach: Oat varieties were sown under monoculture conditions and 50% association, applying three sources of plant nutrition and a control, in the autumn-winter cycle. A completely randomized design with a factorial arrangement (3×3×4) was used, with the factors being the varieties of oats (chihuahua, turquesa, karma), the associations (monoculture, triticale and vetch) and the sources of nutrition (Glomus fasciculatum mycorrhiza, liquid bat guano, combination and control).
Results: Chihuahua stood out in dry matter (DM) yield, productivity index, leaf: stem ratio, harvest index and leaf area index, the karma variety stood out in botanical composition, Land Equivalent Ratio (LER), height and number of leaves. The association with triticale stood out in DM yield, productivity index and botanical composition. The vetch stood out in LER, leaf: stem ratio, harvest index and leaf area index. The monoculture stood out in the height of plants and number of leaves. The guano highlighted the harvest index, maintaining statistical equality with the mycorrhiza in LER.
Study Limitations/Implications: The results are based on the interaction of the factors with an irrigation regime in the temperate climate of the Valles Centrales of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Findings/Conclusions: The variety that stood out the most was the karma variety; however, the quality of the chihuahua variety can be discussed when comparing the relationships of the variables. The crop association that generated the best results was vetch, while triticale generated higher yields. The nutrition that generated the best results was guano, and there were a large number of statistical equalities with the control

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