Yield estimation of forage oat (Avena sativa L.) Chihuahua variety: ruler and plate methods


Sergio Iban Mendoza-Pedroza
Javier Suarez-Espinosa
Perpetuo Álvarez-Vázquez
Eliseo Sosa-Montes
M. Á. Maldonado-Peralta
Jonathan R. Garay-Martínez


Estimation methods, plant height, forage yield.


Objetive: To analyze forage estimations with the direct method and the plant height.

Diseño/Metodología/Aproximación: The treatments were the plants age, assessed in a random block design, with three repetitions. Simple linear regressions were carried out and adjusted using the SPSS statistical software.

Resultados: The highest and lowest yields occurred at 105 and 30 days after sowing (DAS), with 5,412 and 783 kg DM ha-1, respectively. Height with the rule had a significant effect on forage production, with an R2 of 0.83. For each increase per cm the plants increased 56,134 kg DM ha-1. The height with the plate had an R2 of 0.97, so that 65.032 kg DM ha-1 are produced for each cm in height.

Limitaciones del estudio/implicaciones: None

Hallazgos/conclusiones: The forage accumulation in Avena sativa L., var. Chihuahua varied depending on the age of the plant. The heights calculated with the plate method, had greater reliability for the forage yield estimate, compared to the graduated rule method.

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