Quality Seal for Artisanal Chorizo in Valle de Toluca: Keys to Obtaining a Collective Brand


Huitzilihuitl Ovando-Flores
Humberto Thomé-Ortiz



Objective: To identify the socioeconomic and cultural conditions necessary for obtaining
a quality seal for artisanal chorizo in Valle de Toluca, Mexico.
Methodological Design: A qualitative approach was made from the perspective of
Localized Agrifood Systems, for the analysis of an artisanal food. The participative
approach, observation, and semi-structured interviews were useful tools to carry out the
Results: Valle de Toluca has a traditional food that identifies it, as is the case of chorizo
in its red and green versions, around which there is the possibility of implementing a
quality seal for its differentiation and protection.
Limitations: The study was limited to the work carried out with the chorizo producers
belonging to Valle de Toluca; in this sense it is necessary to assess the implementation
of a differentiating seal for a traditional food which faces disloyal competition, both from
the producers’ trade union and from the food industry, consisting in the elaboration of
generic products that have the same name, although their quality is not the same.
Conclusions: It is necessary to develop a participative and territorial perspective.

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