Chemical treatments in maize seeds to improve germination in acidic soils


Anadelia Antonio-Medina
Leticia Romana Gaytán-Alemán
Aurelio Morales-Rivera
Sergio Iban Mendoza-Pedroza
Rubén López-Salazar
Dalia Iveth Carrillo-Moreno
Eusebio Ortega-Jiménez


Abscisic acid; Amino acids; Krebs cycle; Emergence


Objective: To evaluate the effect of different germination promoters on three maize genotypes grown in Dystric Cambisol soils, since germination problems are linked to latency and restrict agronomic management.

Design/Methodology/Approach: We conducted an experiment at the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Juan Rodríguez Clara using a split-plot design with a factorial treatment arrangement. The large plot contained genotypes (GEN) G1 = MS-405, G2 = Arlequin, and G3 = MS-404; while the small one comprised promoter (PROMO) HS = humic substance, CI = citrulline, and SA = salicylic acid. We evaluated the following variables: germination speed (GS), emergence percentage (EMERG), stem and leaf volume (S&LV), root volume (RV), chlorophyll (CHL), secondary roots (SECR), stem diameter (DMT), number of leaves (NL), foliar area (FA), root length (RL), and plant height (PH). Then, we conducted a variance analysis and Tukey’s tests (α£0.05).

Results: For each promoter, we observed main effects in EMERG, CHL, and PH for CI; S&LV, NL, FA, and PH for HS; and RL for SA. In genotypes G2 and G3, variables GS, EMERG, NL, and PH were statistically equivalent, DMT varied only in G2, and there were no statistical differences for S&LV, RV, CHL, SECR, FA, and RL. We observed some simple effects in combinations with CI: GS and PH varied in G3, EMERG in G2 and G3, CHL in G1 and G3, DMT in G1 and G2, and S&LV in G2.

Study limitations/Implications: Soaking corn for one hour in the solution and weighing the correct amount properly are required, since weighing too much may inhibit germination.

Findings/Conclusions: Promoter CI at a dose of 1,000 ppm accelerates the emergence speed of genotypes G2 and G3 in acidic soils.

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