Bibliometric analysis of wastewater treatment with microalgae in the period 1985–2023


Abel Santillán Ángeles
Abel Quevedo-Nolasco
Antonia Macedo-Cruz
Axel Eduardo Rico-Sánchez
Bertha Patricia Zamora-Morales


Tratamiento biologico de agua residual, biomasa, biodiesel, biogas



Objective. To indicate the condition of the wastewater treatment with microalgae (WTwM) research.

Methodology. The words treatment, wastewater, and microalgae, were entered as keywords in a search under "article title" in SCOPUS. The documents found were saved and exported as a file with a .bb extension. From R Studio, the BIBLIOMETRIX interface was linked to R Statistics. The interface was opened from MOZILLA to import the .bb file.

Results. There is a significant increase in the number of papers published since 2013, up to 68 articles in 2022. The authors with the highest number of contributions on the subject are Ivet Ferrer and Joan García. The countries most involved in this issue are China, Spain, India and Brazil; China is the one with the highest number of publications. The WTwM studies in 2023 are concerned with investigating biomass accumulation and nutrient removal as a way to make sustainable use of the process. Conclusions. WTwM is a research topic that is studying and disseminating knowledge since the 80's. The author who stands out the most is Ivet Ferrer. China has little collaboration with scientists from other countries. The most recent WTwM studies address issues related to biodiesel production and biogas production. The topics to be addressed in future research will be related to the study of temperature, osmotic capacity, pH and O2 levels.

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