Root density and accumulation of Myrobalan plum tree grafted with Methley Japanese plum


J. S. González-Pérez
Alberto E. Becerril-Román
Abel Quevedo-Nolasco
D. Jaén-Contreras
C. Velasco-Cruz


Prunus cerasifera, Prunus salicina, root density, root accumulation.



Objective: to determine the root phenology of Myrobalan plum tree grafted with Methley Japanese plum. Materials and methods: a quota sampling was used to select five trees from the experimental orchard. Within the volume of soil adjacent to tree´s roots, 330 cm3 of soil were sampled and collected each month, in order to identify root type, quantify their fresh and dry weight, and carry out statistical analyses. Results:The highest densities of growing and absorbing roots were observed at 0-25 cm soil depth during the phenological cycle. A higher density of intermediate and conducting roots was recorded at 25-50 cm soil depth, just at the beginning of the ecodormancy. Conclusions: the highest root accumulation was recorded when moisture and soil temperature were not optimal but the cultivar did not record a significant vegetative and reproductive growth.

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