Creole corns from the Yucatan Peninsula as an alternative in the diet of the Mexican hairless pig


Carlos Bautista
Josué Herrera
Bernardino Candelaria
Marco Ramirez
Ricardo Antonio Chiquini-Medina


nutrition of Sus scrofa, corn breeds and varieties, corn ensilage, Ibero-American pigs, nutritional content of Creole corn


Objective: The Mexican hairless pig (Sus scrofa) is a species with high degree of rusticity and environmental adaptation, capable of being included in genetic improvement programs and participant in food sovereignty. As a monogastric animal, its diet is diverse, which could include grains and fodders. However, there are few records about current alternatives used in its diet that are capable of improving the yields and quality of the meat. In the Yucatan Peninsula there are native corns with fodder potential, capable of being used in animal feed. The objective of this review was to show the potential of native corns, and their capacity to be used in the diet of the Mexican hairless pig.

Design/Methodology/Approximation: A systematic review of the literature from the period 2000 to 2020 was carried out, where the potential of Creole corns to be used in animal feed was documented, both because of their yields in grain and their plant biomass production.

Results: Based on the information analyzed, the use of San Pableño, Dzit bacal, and Nal Tel breeds is recommended, for their inclusion in the diet of the Mexican hairless pig due to their nutritional, mineral and antioxidant value.

Study Limitations/Implications: There are studies pending to allow understanding the form and quantity to supply them in the diet.

Findings/Conclusions: Creole corns that are present in the Yucatan Peninsula present high rusticity and agroclimatic adaptation, with productive potential to compete with the commercial varieties and hybrids, in the production of corn grain and fodder, reason why they can be used in the diet of the Mexican hairless pig, since it is an animal species of great adaptation.

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