Arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation in Citrus volkameriana Tan & Pasq


Crescencio de la C. Castillo-Aguilar
G. May-Chablé
Víctor Hugo Quej
Ricardo Antonio Chiquini-Medina



Objective. We evaluated the effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation in Citrus
volkameriana Tan & Pasq plants with the application of Glomus spp Zac- 19 (G.
claroides, G. diaphanum and G. albidum) to assess growth under greenhouse
conditions without fertilizer application.
The evaluated treatments were inoculation with 2,4,6,8, and 10 g of
inoculum, plus a control without inoculation in an experimental design of complete
randomized blocks with three replications. Variables were plant height, stem diameter,
number of leaves, foliar area, dry weight, and mycorrhizal colonization.
A statistically significant response (p?0.01) to inoculation was
observed, registering higher growth of mycorrhizal plants. The inoculation was
considered appropriate for all the levels evaluated. The outstanding treatment was 10 g
of inoculum that produced plants with 110.16 cm in height for the last sampling; 38.56
leaves per plant; 1.13 cm stem diameter; 35.95 g dry weight of root; 76.88 g dry weight
of the aerial part of the plant; 225.03 cm 2 of leaf area per plant and 88.87% of
mycorrhizal colonization.
The application of 10 g per plant to the roots of Citrus volkameriana from
the Glomus Zac-19 arbuscular mycorrhizal consortium promoted the production of more
vigorous plants for grafting, without the application of chemical fertilizer.

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