Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) fed with mulberry (Morus alba L.) leaves and cow’s milk SILKWORM FED ON MULBERRY LEAVES AND COW'S MILK


Ximena Ruiz-Erazo
Giselle Zambrano-González
Álvaro Castañeda-Vildozóla
Leodan Tadeo Rodríguez-Ortega
Arturo Pro-Martínez
Filogonio Jesús Hernández-Guzmán
Alejandro Rodriguez Ortega


Silkworm, milk, mulberry, economic parameters, supplementation


Objective: To evaluate the effect of cow’s milk as a protein supplement to improve growth and expression of productive parameters in the silkworm (Bombyx mori L.).

Design/Methodology/Approach: Four treatments with mulberry foliage supplemented with milk were used, plus a control (which was fed with fresh leaf). Feeding was determined for the last two larval instars, resulting in the following groups: Treatment 1: V instar-TD, Treatment 2: V instar-DI, Treatment 3: IV and V instar-TD, and Treatment 4: IV and V instar-DI.

Results: Larvae fed with foliage supplemented with milk obtained an increase in growth rate and larval weight and formed their cocoons faster than the control. Additionally, there were differences in cocoon weight, silk percentage, and pupal weight, relevant traits for silk production.

Study Limitations/Implications: Very few works have been published about silkworms fed with mulberry foliage supplemented with milk.

Findings/Conclusions: Supplementation has a positive effect on growth and the evaluated traits, improving the yield of silk production.

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