Evaluation of seminal characteristics of Pelibuey and East Friesian rams at two different times of the year


Marcia P. Hernández-Arzola
Juan Salazar-Ortiz
Carlos Sánchez-del Real
Carlos G. Germán-Alarcón
Jaime Gallegos-Sánchez


Seminal parameters; Pelibuey; East Friesian.


Objective: To determine the changes in seminal quality of Pelibuey and East Friesian rams during the non-breeding (long days; March-June) and breeding seasons (short days; September-December) at 19° north latitude.

Design/methodology/approach: To determine changes in seminal quality over time, seminal parameters of rams, collected with an artificial vagina were evaluated over 32 weeks. An analysis of variance was performed with a completely randomized design in a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement (breed and season).

Results: No differences were found within breeds or between breeds in the same season in the evaluated seminal parameters; however, differences were reported between seasons in the live weight parameters, lower in the non-reproductive season, in addition to an increased scrotal circumference and mass motility during the reproductive season.

Study limitations/implications: Semen parameters estimation, in field trials, is subjective compared to computerized semen evaluation systems, it is therefore desirable to have extensive experience in semen evaluation at the field level before starting the study. To confirm the results obtained in this study, a new experiment with a larger number of experimental units is suggested.

Findings/conclusions: It is concluded that in the environmental and management conditions, where the seminal evaluation took place, no differences were found between breeds, suggesting that the Pelibuey and East Friesian breeds at 19° north latitude do not decrease their seminal parameters during the non-breeding season compared to the breeding season. This suggest that these two sheep breeds are able to reproduce, in such conditions, all year round.

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