Scientific mapping of the knowledge on the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve


Frida Carmina Caballero Rico


Science Mapping, Knowledge base, Knowledge management, El Cielo Biosphere Reserve


Abstract: The current knowledge base of the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve (RBC), Tamaulipas, Mexico is identified from scientific publications between 1993 and 2019.

Objective: Analyze, synthesize and categorize the studies published on El Cielo Biosphere Reserve (RBC), Tamaulipas.

Design/methodology/approach: The methodology focused on the search, classification, and review of existing sources in the SCOPUS database from the perspective of the knowledge base. The study covered 37 publications that were analyzed considering scientific mapping in four dimensions: size, time, space, and composition. The analyses were performed using the Bibliometrix and Biblioshiny software tools.

Results: It was found that the reviewed publications address biodiversity studies from a disciplinary approach and from an ecological perspective, which produces a fragmented knowledge of the territory and its problems.

Limitations on study/implications: It is recognized that there may be publications that do not appear in the Scopus database

Findings/conclusions: Knowledge about the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve is fragmented, with a disciplinary approach and from an ecological perspective. The lack of a critical mass of researchers to generate useful knowledge was observed. A weak intellectual structure was also found, which generates a reduced contribution to the conservation of biodiversity. The original contribution of this paper is the synthesis of the current state of knowledge about biodiversity conservation of the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve, which had not been performed previously.

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