Characterization of the preferences towards jalapeño peppers from the perspective of the Sonoran consumers


Blanca Isabel Sánchez-Toledano
Dena María Jesús Camarena Gómez
Venancio Cuevas-Reyes
Lizbeth Salgado-Beltrán


preferencias manifestadas, consumidor sonorense, atributos del chile jalapeño


Objective: To assess the Sonoran (Mexico) consumer perspective regard their buying
habits, consumption and the attitudes and attributes they most valued from jalapeño
Design / Methodology / Approach: The assessment took place in three phases. The
first consisted of the design of a questionnaire, the second its application to a sample of
n = 200 consumers and finally univariate (means and modes) and bivariate (Chi-square)
analyzes on the obtained data.
Results: The flavor is a key element in the consumption of jalapeño peppers. There is a
tendency towards frequent consumption, although the portions are measured since they
are usually less than 0.5 kg. It was identified that for the consumer it is important no
damage or browning is visible on the external appearance of the peppers, and that they
prefer peppers of a dark green color over another coloring. Specifically, there is a
willingness to pay between $ 0.5 and $ 1.0 US per kilo. The frequent consumers of
jalapeño pepper are under 40 years old, accentuated in the 18 to 24 years old segment,
with medium income level. In this segment, there is the preference for aroma and
hotness (pungency) that the chili peppers have.
Study limitations / implications: This study is limited to consumers from the
northwestern region of Mexico. The obtained information provides guidelines to deepen
the knowledge of this product from their market perspective. The added- value
strategies should be aimed to increase the external quality of the product.

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