Spatial variability of some chemical properties of a Cambisol soil with cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) cultivation Variabilidad espacial


Sergio Salgado García
Joana Acopa Colorado
Sergio Salgado-Velázquez
Samuel Córdova Sánchez
David Palma López
Joaquín Alberto Rincón Ramírez
Antonio López Castañeda


cambisol, variabilidad, recomendaciones, sitio específico, cacao, Kriging, Cambisol, variability, recommendations, site-specific, cocoa, Kriging


Objective: To evaluate the spatial variability of some chemical properties of a Cambisol
soil, in order to establish specific agronomic management zones for cocoa cultivation.
Methodology: A sampling of 42 georeferenced points equidistant at 40 m was carried
out. Geostatistical variability maps were made with the results of the chemical analysis
of the soil properties, using the ordinary Kriging interpolation technique.
Results: It was found that the percentage of saturation of acidity (PSA), acidity and H+
showed high variability; P-Olsen and interchangeable K, Ca and Mg displayed medium
variability, and pH, MO, CIC and Al presented low variability. Soil properties pH, PSA;
Exchangeable P-Olsen, Ca and Mg showed high spatial dependence (<25%) and OM,
exchangeable K and CIC moderate spatial dependence (25-75%).
Study limitations / Implications: The generated maps allowed the identification of
partial areas with different variability, as well as the direction of greatest variability of the
property as a function of distance.
Conclusions: With the maps, it was possible to make recommendations for agronomic
management depending on each specific management area.

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