Soil fertility classification for sugarcane in supply areas of a sugar mill CLASSIFICATION BY FERTILITY


Sergio Salgado García
Sergio Salgado Velázquez
David Jésus Palma López
Joel Zavala Cruz
Samuel Cordova Sánchez
Joaquin Alberto Rincón Ramírez
Carlos Fredy Ortiz García
Edith Hernández Nataren


Fertility, System, Classification, Sugarcane.


Objective. To prepare the fertility classification for the sugarcane-cultivated soils in the Pujiltic Sugarcane Mill (PSM) supply area in order to improve decision-making.

Design / methodology / approach. The soils were classified according to their fertility (FCC), using a system based on the quantifiable parameters of the upper soil layer and some characteristics of the subsoil directly linked to the growth of sugarcane.

Results. Six factors limited the agricultural potential of the PSM soils: alkalinity, water excess or deficit, clay content, erosion, nutritional deficiencies, and low CEC, which alone or in groups act in detriment of soil fertility.

Limitations / implications. Solving these problems requires a comprehensive analysis that considers crop type, planting season, and technology availability.

Findings / conclusions. The soil fertility classification system enabled the classification of 11 soil subunits of the PSM area.

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