Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) production in a vertical hydroponic greenhouse system


Juan Alberto Alvarado-Chavez
E. Javier E. Javier García-Herrera
Alfredo Lara-Herrera
Ismael Hernández-Ríos
Adrián Gómez-González


pot, substrate, soilless cultivation, intensive production, vegetables.


Objective: A vertical hydroponic greenhouse system (VHGS) was designed and built to evaluat two strawberry varieties (Festival and San Andreas), in two planting densities per pot (40 and 54 plants/m 2 ) and three elevation levels (high, medium, and low).

Design/Methodology/Approach: At 126 days after transplanting (dat), the Festival variety showed significant differences in the number of leaves and in the crown diameter.

Results: The vertical hydroponic greenhouse system had a high fruit yield (21 kg m2 ): i.e., this production
system is up to 35 % more efficient than the open field cultivation system or the multi-tunnel greenhouse system. There was a positive correlation between the number (r 2 =0.89), diameter (r 2 =0.54), and weight (r 2 =0.40) of the fruits and the total yield. Planting density did not show a significant effect on plant growth, yield, and fruit quality. The vertical pot system did not show differences between elevation levels. This production system is a viable option for populations in places with a scarcity of water and to obtain fruits with guaranteed food safety.

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