Effects of the combining ability on mirador chili (Capsicum annuum L.) populations native to Veracruz, Mexico


Alfonso López-Benítez
Odilon Gayosso Barragán
Juan S.G.J. Alcalá-Rico
Griselda Chávez-Aguilar
Ana Martínez-Osorio


genetic improvement, native populations, yield.


Objective: To evaluate the effects of the general and specific combining abilities on the agronomic traits of the native populations of mirador chili and to identify potential genotypes for the genetic improvement of this crop.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The general and specific combining abilities were calculated to determine the agronomic traits and yield of five mirador chili populations, using Griffing’s method 2, model I, which includes parental lines and direct crosses.

Results: The P1, P4, and P3 genotypes recorded the highest and positive values. They also recorded a significative difference regarding the general combining ability. Meanwhile, the P1×P5 and P4×P5 crosses recorded the highest specific combining ability values.

Study Limitations/Implications: We were not able to establish diverse evaluation environments and genomic selection studies using molecular markers.

Findings/Conclusions: Information about the yield potential of five mirador chili was generated. These results are important for the development of a genetic improvement program and for the selection of the method that will be used.

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