Socioeconomic characteristics of the broad bean (Vicia faba L.) (Fabaceae) production in the northeastern region of the State of Puebla, Mexico


Guadalupe Mora Baez
Lucia Torres Rueda
Antonio Morgado Gonzalez
Citlalli Harris Valle
Cristian Nava Díaz


Production Systems, broad bean, biopesticides and chocolate stain.


Objective: To determine the economic importance of broad bean (Vicia faba L.) (Fabaceae) cultivation in four municipalities of the northeastern region of the State of Puebla and to determine the knowledge level of
growers regarding the symptoms, control methods, and damage caused by the chocolate spot.
Design/Methodology/Approach: Semi-structured interviews were applied focusing on production systems, phytosanitary management, and acceptance of biopesticides. The resulting information was subjected to a
database descriptive analysis using the Microsoft® Excel package.
Results: The data output shows the importance and extension of the sowing, along with the phytosanitary problems faced by regional broad bean growers and finally the acceptance of biopesticide as a method to
control the chocolate spot.
Study Limitations/Implications: There is not enough information and documents regarding the importance of the regional cultivation of broad bean as a source of sustenance.
Findings/Conclusions: The economic importance of broad bean cultivation was determined, along with the damages caused by the chocolate spot infection and the production systems used by the regional grower families.

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