The orchids of Megamexico and their interactions with pollinators


Brandon Eduardo Gutiérrez Rodríguez
Álvaro Hernández-Rivera


Conservation, ecological interactions, Megamexico, pollination syndrome.


Objective: To describe the pollination syndromes of the orchids of Megamexico and the importance of the interactions between the orchids and their respective pollinators for the conservation of both groups.

Design/Methodology/Approach: An exhaustive search was carried out on the pollinators of each of the orchids that grow in Megamexico. With the information sources available, a data matrix was prepared that includes orchids and all their pollinators. Subsequently, it was quantified which group of pollinators the orchids interact with the most. Finally, it is described what physiological adaptations and morphologies orchids have developed to attract specific pollinators.

Results: Orchids from Megamexico maintain close relationships with specific pollinators. Said interaction is mediated by the shape, size, production of aromas, nectar, and the color of the flower. Thus, four large groups of pollinators are those that interact with the orchids of Megamexico, with the Hymenoptera being the group of pollinators that pollinates the most orchid species in Megamexico and birds to a lesser extent.

Study Limitations/Implications: This study describes the importance of pollinators and their interactions with orchids for orchid prevalence.

Findings/Conclusions: It is of vital importance to include orchid pollinators in conservation programs to ensure that interactions between orchids and pollinators continue to be effective and thus guarantee the permanence of the two groups.

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