Lignocellulosic biomass production in six cultivars of Cenchrus purpureus (Schumach.) Morrone in the tropics


Maribel Montero-Lagunes
Julio César Vinay-Vadillo
Javier Francisco Enríquez-Quiroz
Arely Jiménez-Montero
Francisco Indalecio Juárez-Lagunes
Eduardo Daniel Bolaños-Aguilar


Biomass, Cellulose, Paper, Hemicellulose, Lignin


Objective: To determine the cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin production of six Cenchrus purpureus cultivars with or without fertilization, harvested every 21 days for 168 days.

Design/Methodology/Approach; The cultivars evaluated were: CT-115, Elefante, King grass, Maralfalfa, Roxo and Taiwan, with and without fertilization. The experimental design was a randomized complete block with a split plot arrangement with four replications. The fertilization dose was 141-43-20 of NPK. Forage was harvested every 21 days for six months in the rainy season. The samples were determined: Dry Matter (DM), Ash, FDN, FAD, Hemicellulose, Cellulose and Lignin. A nonlinear regression analysis was performed. Biomass production was determined with the estimated values ​​and the percentage of each component. The goodness-of-fit indicators were: R2, the coefficient of determination (R) and the model selection criterion (MSC). The parameters and coefficients of goodness of fit were analyzed in ANOVA with the SAS software in the GLM procedure. Means with Tukey's test. Results: The Maralfalfa cultivar presented higher cellulose production (3786 kg ha-1) and similar (p>0.05) to the Elefante and Taiwan cultivars with values ​​of 3451 and 3329 kg ha-1 and different (p<0.05) to CT- 115 and King grass with more than one ton ha-1 of cellulose.

Study Limitations/Implications: Cellulose production was increased by the effect of fertilization. findings/conclusions.

Findings/Conclusions: The fertilized Maralfalfa, Elefante and Taiwan cultivars produced more than 4000, 3000 and 1000 kg ha-1 of Cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, respectively.

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