Maize silage and maize stubble, strategy for cattle feed in dry seasons


Sergio Puebla Albiter
Samuel Rebollar-Rebollar
Félix Astivia-Arellano


economic analysis, production costs, maize silage, maize stubble, benefit/cost ratio.


The objective was to estimate the production costs and profitability of maize silage and maize stubble as a feeding strategy for cattle in dry seasons in the southern region of Estado de México. Methodology:30 semi-structured surveys with non-probabilistic sampling were applied during the spring/summer 2020 cycle. Socioeconomic variables, the profitability threshold and the benefit/cost ratio were analyzed. The production units were characterized as small, the average age of producers did not exceed 45 years and nine years dedicated to production. Results: The average production of maize silage and maize stubble was 28 and 7.20 tons with a cost of 1,278.40 and 3,587.23 pesos per ton. Conclusions: The benefit/cost ratio in maize silage and stubble was 0.46 and 0.16. The conclusion is that both activities were profitable with a predominance of maize silage.

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