Incorporation and management of improved avocado in the groves of Tétela del Volcán, Morelos. Case study Grupo FRUFIDET


Ma. antonia Olvera-Pérez
Adriana Martínez Morales
Daniel Teliz-Ortiz
Julio Sánchez-Escudero


Mexican varieties of avocado, improved avocado, various groves


Objective: To analyze the process of incorporating improved varieties of avocado (Persea americana Mill.) and its effect on the diversity, management and use in 54 orchards belonging to 25 members of the Rural Production Society of C.V. Grupo FRUFIDET in Tétela del Volcán, Morelos, Mexico.
Methodology: A survey was applied to all members of society considering the characteristics of the orchards and the process of incorporating improved varieties of avocado to their orchards. The diversity associated with avocado cultivation was obtained through participant observation and a survey. A typology of orchards was carried out with a principal components analysis.
Results: The improved avocado has replaced the peach crop by 67%, plum 12%, corn and bean 12%, pomegranate 6%, and fig 3%. Three types of orchards were found: those that have replaced the previous crop with improved varieties of avocado (17%), those that have introduced avocado as one more species to their orchard in combination with other fruit trees (53%), and those which are maintained with fruit trees and Mexican varieties of avocado (30%).
Conclusions: The improved avocado varieties have been incorporated by 100% of the members of the organization. Their incorporation has caused the displacement of Mexican varieties of avocado and other fruit trees.

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