Hematological and biochemical profile of spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) in captivity


Carlos David Pérez Brígido
Dora Romero Salas
Anabel Cruz Romero
Ricardo Serna Lagunes
José Luis Bravo Ramos
Sokani Sánchez Montes
Sandra Cecilia Esparza González
Anabel Elisa Rodríguez


Reference values, Neotropical primates, Blood chemistry, Hematology.


Objective: To estimate the hematological and biochemical reference values inMAteles geoffroyi individuals in captivity.

Methodology: Eleven males and 23 females were captured. We collected blood,from the coccygian vein; conventional techniques were used to analyze thesamples.
Results: mean corpuscular volume (MCV; P < 0.03), platelets (PLT; P < 0.04) were significantly higher in females than in males. In relation to biochemical blood values wasn’t significantly in male and female groups.
Limitations/Implications: hematological and biochemical reference values of A. geoffroyi are within normal health parameters, are between the ranges reported for other species of neotropical primates and can be used as a reference in for the management of the health of this species in captivity.
Conclusions: hematological and biochemical parameters of captive specimens of A. geoffroyi are described, which provide reference indicators for the management of the health of the species.

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