Seed analysis of Dichromanthus aurantiacus, terrestrial orchid from Toluca valley, México


J.B. Sandoval Reyes
M.A. Aguilar Morales
Armandina De la Cruz Olvera
Antonio Laguna Cerda
Rosy G. Cruz Monterrosa
Judith Jiménez Guzmán
Mariano García Garibay
Carlos G. Martínez García
Adolfo A. Rayas Amor


Dichromanthus aurantiacus, tetrazolium, asymbiotic germination, in vitro culture, natural extracts.


Objective: The objective of this work was to analyze the viability and germination of Dichromanthus aurantiacus seeds, a terrestrial orchid from Toluca valley, México.

Design/methodology/approach: The size and color were evaluated. Two methods determined the viability: 1) the tetrazolium test (imbibition for 24 hours in the water, 2 hours in calcium hypochlorite (CaCOCl2), and drops of Tween-80). 2) the asymbiotic seed germination by in vitro culture (imbibition for 24 hours in the water, and the concentration of MS medium plus natural extracts).  

Results: The seeds of this specie showed approximately 0.2 mm long and 0.05 mm wide; they possess an embryo and a brownish testa. There were significant differences (P<0.05) between the treatments finding a positive effect with the tetrazolium test, achieving up to 91.4% viability. In the in vitro germination, the imbibition of the seeds favored contamination. The concentration of MS and the addition of natural extract presented significant differences (P<0.05), the 50% MS plus 10% of coconut water showed up to 92.8% of germination at 60 days.

Study limitations/implications: The results are preliminary of a long-term experiment.

Findings / Conclusions: The seeds of Dichromanthus aurantiacus showed brown testa and an oval embryo with dimensions of 0.2 mm long and 0.05 mm wide. The tetrazolium test’s viability showed 91.4% viability when they were soaked in sodium hypochlorite solution (CaCOCl2) for two hours, 24 hours soaking in tetrazolium solution (1%) plus two drops of Tween-80. The asymbiotic in vitro culture showed up to 92.8% germination in 60 days using MS medium at 50% enriched with 10% coconut water

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