Use of Renewable Energy as a Strategic Action for Companies in the Agricultural Sector


César Gioberti Catalán Dibene
Cristina Taddei
Martin Preciado



Objective: To describe the use of renewable energies in companies in the
agricultural sector in order to associate their use to competitiveness variables and to
determine if their incorporation has an impact on the competitive performance of the
Design/Methodology/Approach: An instrument was designed aimed at managers
and owners of companies in the agricultural sector based on the theory of industrial
organization and competitiveness. The information was coded, and association tests
as well as comparative cluster analysis were performed.
Results: The use of renewable energy by the companies addresses economic and
commercial strategies. Of the twelve competitiveness variables used to compare
companies, nine were linked to the use of renewable energies. The companies using
renewable energy demonstrated superior results in competitiveness.
Study Limitations/Implications: The results are applicable to companies in the
agricultural sector within the region analyzed. Financial and energy consumption
variables should be considered if the method of analysis is to be replicated.
Findings/Conclusions: The use of renewable energy is a strategic behavior that
allows companies to improve their market position. Companies that use renewable
energy as a strategic behavior are more competitive.

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