Reproductive evaluation of bucks (Capra hircus L.) with usual management in herds from Benito Juarez, Guerrero, Mexico


Pedro E. Hernández-Ruiz
Ethel C. García y González
Blanca C. Pineda-Burgos
Enoc Flores-López
Edgar Valencia-Franco
Martín Carmona-Victoria
José V. Velázquez-Morales
José Luis Ponce Covarrubias


sexual behavior, sperm quality, clinical examination, herd management.


Objective: To evaluate the reproductive characteristics of male goats (Capra hircus L.)
with habitual management on their herds at Benito Juarez municipality, Guerrero, Mexico.
Design / methodology / approach: Ten male Creole goats from seven herds were
evaluated, aged between 2 to 7 years and 2 to 3 body condition (BC). The males were
evaluated regarding their sexual behavior, sperm quality, physical examination and
reproductive clinical evaluation.
Results: All the assessed male Creole goats displayed sexual behavior (P < 0.05).
However, for the males of three of the evaluated herds the sexual behavior was lower (P < 0.05). Of the ten electro-ejaculated males, 20% ejaculated and 80% did not (P < 0.05). From the males that ejaculated, a sperm concentration of 224 x 106 and 16 x 106 sperm
mL -1 was recorded for the first and second male. Finally, the physical and clinical
reproductive evaluation concurred with the established parameters for the species.
Limitations of the study / implications: Under the conditions in which the study was
carried out, it was not possible to evaluate males in the same age conditions and
reproductive characteristics. However, this allowed collecting information from field
conditions so that producers can apply it for herd improvement.
Findings / conclusions: The male Creole goats of the evaluated herds showed intense
sexual behavior with low sperm characteristics.

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