Materials and methods for the microencapsulation of substances of food and agricultural interest


Magali Ordóñez-García
Mario A. Morales-Ovando
Laura G. Villanueva-Romero
Verónica G. García-Cano
Olalla Sánchez-Ortíz
Juan Carlos Bustillos Rodríguez


Biotechnology, Cover, Microcapsule, Polymers, Protection


Microencapsulation involves trapping solid, liquid, or gas particles within an inert cover to protect them from the environment. This technique has numerous biotechnological applications in the food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Microcapsules are relevant for obtaining viable products and optimizing their efficacy, stability, safety, and ease of application. There is a wide range of coating materials and techniques used to microencapsulate various substances of interest. This article presents a review of encapsulating materials and microencapsulation methods used in the food and agricultural industries.

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