Increase of phytomass and protein in hydroponic green forage through fertilization in Casanare, Colombia


Wilmer L. Velásquez-Vargas
Diana M. Africano-Guevara
Mayerlin Orjuela-Angulo
Diego C. Peña-Quemba
Nicolás González Cortés


soilless forage, HGF, phytomass, protein.


Objetive. To evaluate the effect of two types of fertilizers on phytomass and protein content of hydroponic green forage (FVH) of corn (Zea mays L.), rice (Oryza sativa L.) and soybean (Glycine max L.).

Design/methodology/approach. A 32x32 bifactorial design was implemented. The seeds were disinfected with 1 % chlorine by immersion for 15 min. A hydroponic system with nebulization irrigation was used with irrigation frequency every 4 hours for 1 min. 5 cm3 of organic fertilizer (FO) and 5 cm3 inorganic fertilizer (FI) were applied per liter of irrigation water. Plant height (cm), fresh phytomass production (kg), real phytomass yield ( and crude protein content (%) were measured. The data were analyzed by means of an ANOVA and comparison of means with the Tukey test (p ≤ 0.05) with SPSS statistics 24.

Results: With 7,102 kg of corn seed, a phytomass yield of 50.7 kg.m2 of FVH and 17 % protein was obtained; with rice seed yields of 30.53 kg.m2 and 15% protein are obtained; and for soybean yields of 19.17 kg.m2 of FVH with 38% protein.

Limitations on study/implications: The nitrogen content in fertilizers can be considered the main factor in FVH production and quality.

Findings/conclusions: Inorganic fertilization has a significant effect on phytomass production and protein production in FVH.

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