Horses’ welfare during transport


Maria Esther Ortega Cerrilla
Rigobero Vázquez Díaz
José Ricardo Bárcena Gama
Jacinto Efrén Ramírez Bribiesca
Paulino Pérez Rodríguez
Germán Lombardero Goldacerena
Julio Miguel Ayala Rodríguez


horses’ transport, horses’ welfare, stress.


Objective: To review the literature related to horses’ welfare during transport.

Approach: Transporting horses is a common practice in the equine industry and obeys to different reasons and activities. Therefore, understanding the factors that intervene during transport and management of the horses is critical.

Limitations on study/implications: Horses are the most transported animals globally, this being a very stressful event. Different factors affect their welfare during this process, such as the type of vehicle, the driver’s expertise, the length of the trip, the orientation of the animal in the vehicle, lesions and diseases.

Conclusions: The factors involved in horses’ transport should be known and taken into account, to ensure the horses’ welfare.

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