Use of pulp and husk of coffee in animal feed


Enrique Oropeza-Mariano
Maria Esther Ortega Cerrilla
José G. Herrera-Haro
Efrén J. Ramírez-Bribiesca
Teódulo Salinas-Ríos


coffee husk, coffee pulp, ruminants, non-ruminants, feeding.


Objective: To review the literature related to the use of husk and pulp of coffee in the feeding of ruminant and
non-ruminant animals.
Approximation: The husk and pulp of coffee are by-products that remain after cleaning the bean. These are
a potential source of pollution; however, they can also be used for animal feed, reducing costs for the producer.
Study limitations/implications: Coffee by-products have been used in animal feed globally, especially in
those countries that are the highest producers of this bean. Therefore, it is important to know the results
obtained there when those by-products are supplied as fed to animals in different conditions.
Conclusions: The results obtained vary when these coffee by-products are included in animal diets, depending
on the species and the amount offered.

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