Edible, medicinal wild mushrooms: A study in Estado de México


D. Sánchez-García
C. Burrola-Aguilar
C. Zepeda-Gómez
M.E. Estrada-Zúñiga


traditional knowledge, ethnomycology, macromycetes, mention order


Objective: To identify edible mushroom species with medicinal uses in Estado de México.
Design/Methodology/Approach: Based on the bibliographic review of local ethnomycological inventories, weeklymarket visits, semi-structured interviews with vendors, and the collection and taxonomic identification of mushrooms, information was gained regarding medicinal mushroom nomenclature, local knowledge and cultural importance.
Results: A list of 36 edible mushroom species was compiled, which can be divided into 11 categories of use, mainly in treating digestive and circulatory illnesses.
Study Limitations/Implications: This is a descriptive and exploratory study of edible mushrooms with medicinal uses, and therefore it is necessary to include more empirical and scientific evidence from other similar cases.
Findings/Conclusions: There is limited knowledge on medicinal fungi species, implying that they are underexploited as
a resource among local inhabitants. Lycoperdon perlatum and Lactarius indigo were cited as having the highest quantity
of medicinal uses.

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