In vitro conservation of Vanilla planifolia hybrids in minimal growth conditions


Delfino Reyes Lopez
Enrique Hernández Leal
Carlos Roman Castillo Martínez
Carlos Hugo Avendaño Arrazate
Tarsicio Corona Torres
Jesus García Zavala
Fermín Pascual Ramírez


Ex-situ conservation, in vitro culture, vanilla, mannitol.


Objective: To maintain minimal growth in in vitro Vanilla planifolia hybrids.

Design/Methodology/Approach: Explants of seven interspecific hybrids of V. planifolia with different origin parents were used. The treatments consisted of different doses of mannitol and sucrose in the culture medium which varied from 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 g L-1.The number of nodes, shoots and roots was recorded every 30 d for six months.

Results: 30 g L-1 mannitol and no sucrose in the culture medium allowed minimal growth in most of the hybrids. The higher the mannitol and lower the sucrose content, the length, number of between nodes, shoots and roots of the explants was lower (P?0.05).

Limitations of the study/implications: There is a differential behavior between the biological material and the used culture medium, particularly in hybrids, due to their new genetic combinations. Therefore, for their conservation, the culture medium components must be adjusted.

Conclusions: 30 g L-1 mannitol without sucrose in in vitro culture medium significantly reduces growth during 180 d in vanilla hybrids.

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