Productive parameters and carcass yield of rabbits supplemented with Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit., and Guazima ulmifolia Lam. foliage Producción de conejos


Bernardino Candelaria-Martinez
Ricardo A. Chiquini-Medina
Ofelia G. Angulo-Balán
Marco A. Ramírez-Bautista
Víctor D. Cuervo-Osorio
Elvira M. Quetz-Aguirre



Objective: To determine the effect of the addition of Leucaena leucocephala and
Guazima ulmifolia foliage on the production parameters and carcass yield of New
Zealand rabbits.
Desing/methodology/approach: 30 rabbits (15 females and 15 males) of the New
Zealand breed were used, distributed in three treatments (five females and five males),
which consisted in feeding 200 g of concentrated food per day + 100 g of fresh L.
leucocephala or G. ulmifolia foliage, and a control group with no supplementation.
Results: The total voluntary intake was not affected by the treatments or gender of the
rabbits; an average value of 158.9 g day -1 was recorded. Weight gain was 27.2 g day -1
on average. The average slaughter weight of the rabbits was 2523 g. The carcass
weight was 1,297 g and the average carcass yield was 51.6%. The dissectable fat 2
content was lower in rabbits on supplements (F = 6.70, P = 0.001) with values of 1.6, 1.8
and 2.11% with fresh foliage of G. ulmifolia, L. leucocephala and without
supplementation, this variable was not affected by gender. The viscera proportion was
on average 24.3%. The average meat: bone ratio was 5.6.
Limitations on study/implications: It was not possible to carry out bromatological
analyzes of the foliages or their digestibility.
Fingings/conclusions: Supplementation of rabbits with foliage of G. ulmifolia and L.
leucocephala decreases the proportion of dissectable fat and did not affect the
production parameters and carcass yield.

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